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5 Analytics Tools to Improve Your Website: Hands-On Learning

There’s a wealth of information hiding in plain sight in your website’s data that is often ignored because it’s overwhelming or too difficult to know how to find and use it. This data can provide you with pivotal insights that can steer the trajectory of your business forward. You don’t need advanced training to get started, you just need someone to show you how it’s done. Learn how to access and use some of the most useful tools available in this how-to training. Discover how to set up the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4), access site speed insights, analyze your website to check ADA compliance, and more. This rapid-fire instruction will show you how to access and use these tools to improve your website experience and its overall performance. Bring your laptop and roll up your sleeves, this session is hands-on learning.  


Mila Sorenson
Mila Sorenson
Sr. Director of Marketing & Client Services / Blue Tangerine Presenter

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