Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

A Metrics-Powered Customer Journey: Better Leads, Faster Sales & Seamless Experience


Bassam Salem
Founder / AtlasRTX

What It's About:

Metrics-driven technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and chat bots may seem overwhelming, but there is no denying they are some of the most powerful and beneficial digital tools available to builders today. Working in conjunction with your human team, they can seamlessly support buyers through every stage of their journey—and can do so 24/7 through channels the customer most prefers. In this session, get a clear roadmap for how to use AI and other metrics-powered tools to identify active prospects and shorten the sales cycle, carry a buyer through the build and move-in stages, and support them through the warranty process and beyond. We’ll also explore how to use these tools to measure and optimize the performance of your sales, marketing and service processes.


What You'll Learn:

Support a buyer through the stages of the buying journey via the marketing and sales roadmap, including steps to Attract, Interact, Transact, Deliver and Delight.

Learn ways to layer AI technology over the buyers journey to shorten the time for new home sales by up to 50%.

Understand the proper language to engage with prospective buyers to help them self-qualify, guiding your sales teams to focus on interested buyers.

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