Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Can You Feel the Love! Let Emotional Selling Start on Your Website


Greg Bray
President / Blue Tangerine
Stuart Platt
Founder / Outhouse

Studies show emotions greatly influence all aspects of buying behavior, especially for large purchases like a home. It’s no secret selling homes starts on your website, yet most builder sites are stuck in a lifeless product presentation, driven by facts, figures and features.

There has been a fair amount of discussion of emotional selling techniques related to a sales person's interaction with a prospect once they visit a sales center or model home. However, these same opportunities exist in the digital portion of the home buyer's journey. The digital presentation by most builders is not taking advantage of the tools and techniques to create an emotional connection with their customers.

Come learn about innovative tools and techniques to improve your website’s “emotional motivators”. Learn to transition a buyer’s mindset of cold research to one of fantasy and creativity. Websites that help a buyer visualize and daydream about their new home create the strongest opportunity for a sale.

Don't wait for people to visit your sales center to create an emotional connection. Align your buyers' desires with the emotions that drive them to buy, and they are yours.

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