Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

Cutting Edge Digital Tools That Drive Engagement & Real Estate Sales


Justin Croxton
Managing Partner / Propellant Media

Digital marketing is an ever evolving world.  And it’s not enough to dig deep into just one singular marketing solution…let alone the MLS.  Putting together omni channel solutions for developers and real estate brokers is the best means to sell out communities and reach in-market real estate buyers and renters.  In this presentation, Justin will go through:

  • Why It’s Vital To Identify In-Market Real Estate Buyers Only
  • Understanding The Journey Of Real Estate Buyers
  • Leveraging Data To Reach More Real Estate Buyers
  • Next Tier Digital Marketing Solutions:
    • Geofencing Marketing
    • OTT Advertising
    • Addressable Geofencing
    • Omni Channel Site Retargeting
  • Creating An Analytics God View To Track Performance


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