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Email 3.0: Taking a Break from Selling | A Relationship First Approach to Email Marketing


Angela McKay
VP, Client Experience / Lasso CRM

Email may have been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not done evolving. We are living in the age of “swipe left” so what do we need to do to earn the attention of our subscribers? We need to stop selling, tell a story and build a desirable brand
Too many marketers still treat email as a channel to blast their sales emails in the hope that it’ll drive conversions. However better spam detection and the need for good email engagement will see fewer marketers achieving success with the dated approach of “batching and blasting”. 
Email might not be shiny and new but it’s still one of the most effective and economical methods of marketing today for lead engagement, conversions, and sales. But email marketing does not sit on its own in a silo; the best results are when it is part of a multichannel approach. That’s when the power of email will truly be recognized. This session will focus on your email strategy as a whole and the key elements that builders need to focus on.
Learning outcomes:

·        Deliverability: what factors come into play and what role you have to help achieve a positive deliverability

·        Developing a plan. Sending the email is one step but what follows? Understand the steps that everyone seems to miss

·        Creating positive experiences with email to build your brand and improve the buyer’s journey

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