Home Builder Digital Marketing Summit

The Value of Branding in the Digital World


Dana Lee Kovach
CEO/Owner / Kovach Marketing

In a digital world, branding is the bedrock of consumer confidence and first impressions are critical. In fact, many times, a first impression is all you get so your message needs to be clear, concise, and spot-on – both visually and when it comes to your marketing copy. With more than 95% of home shoppers beginning their search online and many Americans working remotely from home, companies need to actively rethink their existing brand stories. Keys to this new digital kingdom include a connection – basically effectively using SEO. The customer insight that's been gained must be honed and refined to be useful in the present moment. New home marketers have the ability to influence a buyer's decision-making process if we explore taking action in the language and capacity of today's buyers.

What We Would Like to Share:

  • Key ways to deliver a brand messaging effectively, the elements needed for clear, concise messaging about your company, and how to distinguish yourself from the competition. 
  • Techniques formulating meaningfully creative, effective messaging that engages the user and effectively conveys your brand value in the digital world. 
  • Tips for protecting your brand believability and loyalty experienced by customers. 
  • Thoughts about consistency – a constant, holistic approach to conveying brand value to all consumers across the widest spectrum of digital channels. 
  • Opportunities to embrace new technology because it's likely your customers are ten steps ahead of you. The old ways offer insight earned by experience. The new ways are the avenue of authenticity and distinction as a brand.
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