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Shane Austin

Chief Storyteller / Abrazo Homes
Shane Austin, Speaker from Abrazo Homes

Better known by his aliases; Sugar, Sunshine, Disney, and Mr. Congeniality. Abrazo’s “Chief Storyteller” (yes, that’s his real title) is a man of many talents. From former professional quarterback to mindset maestro to marketing extraordinaire, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that Sugar isn’t naturally talented. Sunshine traded in his cleats for a MacBook and a camera just a few years back - less chance of a concussion in this line of work - and has never looked back. Shane now spends his “work” days documenting the amazing stories surrounding Abrazo Homes. Whether it’s our award-winning culture, one of our incredible teammates, our innovative homes, or our valued homeowners, Shane’s creative genius will bring the story to life.


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